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FunShift provides Functional shift (divergence) analysis between the subfamilies of a Protein domain family. The present release uses Protein Domain families in Pfam (Version 12.0).

Each family was divided into Subfamilies, after which Rate Shifting Sites (RSS) and Conservation Shifting Sites (CSS) were identified between each pair of subfamilies containing at least 4 sequences. The RSS and CSS values were used to predict if the function is shifted between the subfamilies.

This Resource provides:

  • Subfamily classification and alignments for each protein domain family.
  • Rate Shifting Sites for each pair of Subfamilies.
  • Conservation Shifting Sites for each pair of Subfamilies.
  • Prediction of Function shift between subfamilies for each pair.

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Present Version 12.0
Previous Version 9.0
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Publications about FunShift

Large-scale evaluation and prediction of function shift in protein families
ISMB-ECCB 2004 [Abstract] [Poster]

FunShift: a database of function shift analysis on protein subfamilies
Abhiman S, Sonnhammer EL.
Nucleic Acids Research (2005) Database Issue 33:D197-200

Large-scale prediction of function shift in protein families with a focus on enzymatic function
Abhiman S, Sonnhammer EL.
Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics (2005);60:758-768

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